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Property Management – Leasing Services

What is Metro Housing?

Metro Housing is our professional property leasing company. Metro Housing has developed and grown over a 20+ year period to assist both tenants and property owners with trusted and proper leasing ethics. An important distinction to note with Metro Housing is that we are ready and able to lease ANY property whether Nvest Realty Group LLC retains management of the property or not. This means that, not only do our leasing agents handle our managed properties, they will lease properties for any property owner if they wish to manage their own properties or even lease properties for other management companies. The goal is simple… To place well-qualified tenants with properties as quickly as possible for our clients.

What are the expenses involved with leasing my property?

First and foremost, there will be no charge if we do not lease your property. We work hard under a commission based structure which will insure dedication to the proper leasing of your property. Let’s face it… Every day or month your property is sitting vacant means lost revenue and expenses such as utilities, insurance, taxes, lawncare, and even the potential for vandalism. Our typical charge for our leasing service is 75% of the monthly rent rate. Depending on the client volume this fee may be adjusted. We are very proud to offer this service for less than most of our competitors who charge 100% of the montly rate. This will be the only charge for our leasing service and only after we successfully lease your property!

What to expect as a valued client of Metro Housing.

  • Fast turn around in filling your vacancy.
  • Aggressive marketing developed through years of experience. This includes photographing the property for advertising.
  • Proper rent pricing based on current market conditions.
  • We take all calls and communication from prospective tenants and schedule apointments 7 days a week for showings.
  • Properties are shown by licensed Realtors.
  • Assist the potential tenant with completing an extensive application.
  • Applications are run through a very strong 10-point background check. Any person over the age of 18 residing in the property is required to undergo a backgound check.
  • Provide the property owner with all information regarding the applications for approval. You are as invloved as you would like to be in this process.

Upon your approval of the tenants, we handle the lease signing. At this time the security deposit is collected, pro-rated rent for the month and the first months rent is collected depending on the possession date, pet fees are collected, and utililties are verified switched over to the tenant.

Your lease will be the same lease we use for our valued property management clients with the exception of any special agreements you may wish to add. Our lease is our version of the Missouri Association of Realtors lease, otherwise known as a MAR lease, with specific items to strongly protect you as the property owner.

Collected rents, security deposits, pet fees, and any other monies related to the lease are deposited into our escrow account. We deduct our leasing fee at this time and your money is ready for pick-up, mailing, or ACH deposit witin 10-14 days of the lease signing. If you are one of our valued management clients the security deposit is held in our escrow account and the rents and any other fees are sent to you with your next monthly statement. This easy process will continue on a monthly basis as a management client.

Our agents and broker can assist you at anytime if you have any questions regarding your property, lease, tenant, housing laws, etc.